Our vision

Everything is being optimised in our present world, smartphones, software, cars. We have reached an age of optimisation rather than invention. Mostly the focus lies on optimising already existing products and making them better. But what about your software update?

It is increasingly hard to focus. We are overloaded with input everyday. Do you know how much time on average is wasted on your smartphone every day ? Millennials spend about 5.7 hours on the phone per day.

This is where Fusion Kinetic comes in. Our goal is to recover the time that your ‘enemy’ takes away from you and give it back to the real gatekeeper of it: you.

We build a community of environmentally conscious, fit individuals who care about themselves and the planet. We aim to offer people a fun and sustainable product that reflects their values.

Fusion Kinetic optimises the hydration and supplement intake for fitness enthusiasts and offers a new perspective on carrying drinks to work and/or leisure time activities. How? Fusion Kinetic created a 2-in-1 multipurpose bottle consisting of 2 parts connected with powerful waterproof magnets. Made of Stainless Steel, it is 100% recyclable.

Our revolutionary concept aims to transform the way people stay hydrated. Moreover, our goal is to educate the community by sharing on this blog fitness, nutrition, health and technology related topics.

Our mission

With our products we want to empower fitness enthusiasts to live their optimal fitness lifestyle by using a sustainable product that reflects their values.

The Fusion Kinetic Team

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